A Comprehensive Guide To Sneaker Reselling Slang

A Comprehensive Guide To Sneaker Reselling Slang

Sneaker reselling isn’t just a trade; it’s a culture with its own language. To navigate the dynamic world of sneaker transactions, understanding the slang is essential. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of sneaker reselling slang, decoding the terms that seasoned resellers use to communicate, negotiate, and thrive in the fast-paced realm of exclusive kicks.

1. Grails:

“Grails” refers to a sneaker enthusiast’s holy grail – the ultimate, most coveted pair of sneakers. These are the rare, limited-edition kicks that collectors dream of adding to their collections.

2. DS (Deadstock):

When a sneaker is described as “DS” or “deadstock,” it means the shoes are in brand-new, unworn condition. Deadstock sneakers are often sought after for their pristine quality.

3. Copped:

If someone says they “copped” a pair of sneakers, it means they successfully purchased them. This term is commonly used to express success in securing a highly sought-after release.

4. L (Loss):

Taking an “L” means experiencing a loss in trying to purchase a pair of sneakers. When a release is highly competitive, and you miss out, you’ve taken an “L.”

5. Hypebeast:

A “hypebeast” is someone who follows trends and chases after highly sought-after, hyped-up releases, often to the detriment of individual style or personal preferences.

6. Heat:

“Heat” refers to exceptionally desirable and valuable sneakers. These are the kicks that generate buzz, turn heads, and often have a significant resale value.

7. Brick:

A “brick” is a term used to describe sneakers that are difficult to sell or have little resale value. It’s essentially a pair that didn’t live up to expectations in terms of demand.

8. Flex:

To “flex” is to show off or boast about one’s sneaker collection, particularly on social media. It’s a way for enthusiasts to showcase their latest acquisitions.

9. OG (Original):

“OG” refers to the original version of a sneaker. If someone mentions having the “OG” colorway, it means they have the initial and often iconic release.

10. Nike SB Dunk:

The “SB” in Nike SB Dunk stands for “Skateboarding.” Nike SB Dunks have gained popularity not only among skaters but also as highly coveted items in sneaker culture.

11. Raffle:

A “raffle” is a lottery-style system used by retailers to sell limited releases. Entrants have a chance to win the opportunity to purchase the sneakers.

12. GR (General Release):

“GR” stands for “General Release,” indicating that a particular sneaker has a wide and non-limited distribution. These releases are more widely available to the general public.

13. Mid:

In sneaker terminology, “Mid” refers to a specific height of a sneaker silhouette. However, it is sometimes used colloquially to describe sneakers of lower desirability compared to their high or low counterparts.

14. Proxy:

A “proxy” is a service or individual that helps secure sneakers by acting as a middleman during a release. This is often used to overcome regional restrictions or increase the chances of success.

15. Cook:

To “cook” means to successfully purchase multiple pairs of a limited-release sneaker, suggesting a level of skill and efficiency in navigating online releases.


Navigating the sneaker reselling landscape goes beyond understanding market values; it involves deciphering the unique language used by enthusiasts and professionals alike. This guide serves as a key to unlocking the slang that permeates the world of sneaker reselling, allowing you to engage more effectively with the community and stay on top of the latest trends and releases. Whether you’re a seasoned sneakerhead or a newcomer to the game, having a grasp of this language is a valuable asset in the pursuit of coveted kicks.

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