How do I negotiate when buying sneakers for resale?


Alright, listen up, negotiator. When it comes to copping sneakers for resale, it’s all about that art of the deal. Here’s your crash course in negotiation street style:

Know Your Numbers:

Before you step into the negotiation ring, know the market value. Research recent sales, check different platforms, and have your numbers on lock.

Start Smooth, Build Rapport:

Smooth talk goes a long way. Start with a friendly vibe, build rapport, and let the seller know you’re both in the same sneaker game.

Express Genuine Interest:

Let the seller feel your passion. Express genuine interest in the kicks. It’s not just about business – it’s about the love for the game.

Drop Knowledge, Not Just Cash:

Show off that sneaker wisdom. Talk about the sneaker’s history, collaborations, and what makes it special. Let the seller know you’re not just here to buy – you’re here for the culture.

Be Polite, Not Pushy:

Politeness wins the game. Don’t be pushy; be respectful. You catch more flies with honey, right?

Have a Walk-Away Price:

Know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. Set a walk-away price – a point where you say, “Nah, I’m out.” It keeps you in control.

Find the Middle Ground:

Negotiation is a dance. Find that middle ground where both you and the seller feel like winners. It’s a win-win or no deal.

Cash Talks, But Timing Counts:

Cash is king, but timing matters too. If you’re paying cash, flash it at the right moment. It’s a power move.

Throw in Some Flattery:

Sneaker sellers love a bit of flattery. Compliment their taste, their collection – stroke that ego a little. It might sweeten the deal.

Bring Cash – It’s a Game-Changer:

Cash is your secret weapon. It’s tempting, it’s tangible, and it might just seal the deal faster than any other method.

Bundle Deals for Bigger Wins:

Talk bundles. If they got more heat, ask if they’re willing to do a deal for multiple pairs. Bigger flips, bigger wins.

Use Silence to Your Advantage:

Silence is a ninja move. After stating your offer, let a bit of silence hang in the air. It puts pressure on the seller, and sometimes they drop the price without you saying a word.

It’s about finesse, strategy, and knowing when to drop the charm and when to flex your power moves. Now go out there and bag them deals, negotiator extraordinaire!

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