How To Get Exclusive Access On The Nike SNKRS App

How To Get Exclusive Access On The Nike SNKRS App

For sneaker enthusiasts, the Nike SNKRS app is a gateway to the latest releases and exclusive drops from the world’s most iconic sportswear brand. Getting exclusive access to coveted sneakers on the app is a thrilling experience, but it requires strategy and a bit of insider knowledge. In this blog post, we’ll uncover the secrets and provide a comprehensive guide on how to increase your chances of securing exclusive access on the Nike SNKRS app.

1. Stay Informed and Set Notifications:

To stay ahead in the game, it’s crucial to be informed about upcoming releases. Follow Nike’s official social media channels, subscribe to newsletters, and turn on notifications within the SNKRS app. This ensures you receive timely updates on exclusive drops and access opportunities.

2. Participate in SNKRS Draws and Raffles:

Exclusive access often comes through draws and raffles on the SNKRS app. Participate in these events by entering your size and personal information. While it’s a game of chance, actively participating increases your odds of being selected for exclusive access.

3. Engage with SNKRS Stash:

SNKRS Stash is an interactive feature within the app that involves physically going to specific locations to unlock access to exclusive releases. Keep an eye on announcements for SNKRS Stash events in your area and be ready to participate in the treasure hunt for exclusive access.

4. Enter Nike SNKRS AR Drops:

Nike occasionally utilizes augmented reality (AR) experiences for exclusive drops. Keep an eye out for AR-enabled releases on the app, where you might need to use your phone’s camera to unlock access. Engaging with these unique experiences could lead to exclusive opportunities.

5. Participate in Challenges and Contests:

Nike occasionally hosts challenges, contests, and interactive activities on the SNKRS app. Participate in these events, as they often come with the chance to earn exclusive access. Whether it’s a quiz, a creative challenge, or a special contest, active engagement can pay off.

6. Explore SNKRS Pass:

SNKRS Pass is a feature that allows users to reserve and purchase select sneakers through the app, typically by visiting a physical Nike store. Keep an eye on SNKRS Pass announcements for opportunities to secure exclusive releases in-store.

7. Join Nike Membership Programs:

Nike offers membership programs like NikePlus, which can provide additional benefits such as early access to certain releases. Consider joining these programs and stay active to maximize your chances of receiving exclusive access invitations.

8. Participate in Early Access Drops:

Nike occasionally provides early access to certain releases for specific users. This could be based on factors like purchase history, app engagement, or membership level. Keep an eye on your app notifications for early access opportunities.

9. Optimize Your SNKRS Account:

Ensure that your SNKRS account is fully optimized. This includes verifying your payment and shipping information, selecting your preferred size, and completing your profile. A well-maintained account can enhance your eligibility for exclusive access.

10. Follow Influencers and Sneaker Communities:

Stay connected with the sneaker community by following influencers, sneaker blogs, and online forums. These platforms often share information about exclusive access opportunities, helping you stay in the loop and increase your chances.


Securing exclusive access on the Nike SNKRS app requires a combination of strategy, active engagement, and staying informed. Patience and persistence are key in the world of exclusive sneaker drops. Happy hunting, and may your next exclusive access be a pair that elevates your sneaker collection to new heights!

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